Nike Air Max 1 Piet Parra 2018 design AT3057 100

Vintage Nike Equator aka Oslo 1st Generation

Vintage Nike Valkyrie & Nike Court

Nike Air Max 1 LX Just Do It code 917691 100

Vintage Nike Court Low 1978

Vintage Nike Equinox OG 1984

Vintage Nike Weightlifting shoes

Nike brochure 1985

My NIKE Air Epic ‘retro’ collection

My NIKE Air Epic collection without my Nike Air Zoom Epic de luxe 😉
Unfortunately without the true vintage OG from 85…. Nevertheless the search continues…

My Tailwind collection

My (retro) NIKE Tailwind collection. The first NIKE Air. So the name should be Nike Air Tailwind instead 😉
So it all started in 1978 instead in 1987.