Vintage Nike Cortez 70s 80s

Vintage Nike Cortez 70’s

Vintage NIKE Cortez 1982 Forrest Gump

Big unboxing video of: Vintage NIKE Cortez, 2000s retro Nike Odyssey, Vintage Converse Trainer, Vintage Roots boots and more






NIKE Cortez 1997 Atlanta Olympics

Vintage NIKE Cortez Escape 1989

Which is your favorite?

The 3 Shoe Dog NIKE Cortez 72 styles Slim Swoosh – Speedy Peregrine ‘Falcon’ – Dimension Six Moon



NIKE Cortex 72 Shoe Dog Slim Swoosh 3 of 3

NIKE Cortex 72 Shoe Dog Speedy Peregrine ‘Falcon’

NIKE Cortex 72 Shoe Dog Dimension Six Moon